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Manufacturers Low Price Bulk Loquat Leaf Extract Corosolic Acid 2%-98%

Manufacturers Low Price Bulk Loquat Leaf Extract Corosolic Acid 2%-98%

Corosolic acid is a pentacyclic triterpene acid found in Lagerstroemia speciosa. FZBIOTECH,as a manufacturer of monomer, has been devoting to supplying the best quality Corosolic acid to all over the world with best price. For long term cooperation, free sample is available.Chat Now

Basic Information of Corosolic Acid

Product Name: Corosolic Acid

Other Name: Loquat Leaf Extract

Appearance: white fine powder

Molecular Formula: C30H48O4

Molecular Weight: 472.70


Test Methord: HPLC  

CAS: 4547-24-4

Introduction of Corosolic Acid

Banaba, known scientifically as Lagerstroemia, is a flowering tree that is native to the Philippines and India, where it has been used for thousands of years as a treatment for digestive problems, kidney inflammation and diabetes. Banaba leaves contain a compound called corosolic acid, which has been identified as one of the main agents for banaba's glucose lowering effect which  helps the body break down sugars and carbohydrates and send them out to the body as energy through a process known as glycolysis.


Benefits of Corosolic Acid

1. Regulate blood sugar level:

    a) Promote glucose transporter, similar to insulin.

    b) Promote cell absorption and utilization of glucose.

2. Weight loss effects, and don't need to go on a diet.

3. Anti-inflammatory effects than commercial anti-inflammatory drug indomethacin.

4. Has inhibitory effect on many kinds of tumor cell growth.


Applications of Corosolic Acid

1. Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is usually made into tablets, capsule and granule to warm the kidney, strengthen the spleen and enhance human immunity.

2. Applied in food field, it is mainly used in kinds of beverage, liquor and foods to enhance human immunity and anti-aging.

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