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Manufacturer Of Gymnema Sylvestre Extract 25%-75% Gymnemic Acid

Manufacturer Of Gymnema Sylvestre Extract 25%-75% Gymnemic Acid

Gymnemic acids are glycosides isolated from the leaves of Gymnema sylvestre (Asclepiadaceae). Gymnemic acids like ziziphin and hodulcine are anti-sweet compounds, or sweetness inhibitors.FZBIOTECH,as a manufacturer of monomer, has been devoting to supplying the best quality Gymnema Sylvestre Extract powder to all over the world with best price. For long term cooperation, free sample is available. Chat Now

Basic Information of Gymnema Sylvestre Extract
Other Name:gymnemic acid,gymnema extract,gymnemic acid I
Molecular Formula:C43H66O14
Molecular Weigh:806.976
Appearance:Brownish powder
Boiling Point:872.1ºC at 760mmHg

Description of Gymnemic Acid
Gymnemic Acid  has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels when used for an extended period of time. Additionally, Gymnema sylvestre extract reduces the taste of sugar when it is placed in the mouth, thus some use it to fight sugar cravings. From extract of the leaves were isolated glycosides known as Gymnemic acids, which exhibit anti-sweet activity. This effect, however, is short-lived, lasting a mere fifteen minutes. Gymnema sylvestre extract is currently being used in an all natural medication for diabetes with other ingredients such as cinnamon, chromium, zinc, biotin, banaba, huckleberry and bitter melon. Extracts of Gymnema is not only claimed to curb sweet tooths but also for treatment of as varied problems as hyperglycemia, obesity, high cholesterol levels, anemia and digestion.

Benefits of Gymnema Sylvestre Extract
The major bioactive constituents of Gymnema sylvestris are a group of oleanane-type triterpenoid saponins known as gymnemic acids.From extract of the leaves were isolated glycosides known as gymnemic acids, which exhibit anti-sweet activity.The herb’s active ingredient, gymnemic acid, is extracted from leaves and roots, and helps to lower and balance blood sugar levels. The unique shape of gymnemic acid molecules are similar to that of glucose, allowing it to fill cell receptors in the lining the intestines, thereby preventing uptake of sugar molecules.In healthy adults gymnema sylvestre is believed to help curb cravings for sweets.
1.Help low and balance blood sugar level
2.Prevent uptake of sugar molecules
3.Curb cravings for sweet

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Xi'an Fengzu Biological Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the professional China manufacturer of gymnema sylvestre extract 25%-75% gymnemic acid manufacturers, for all you needs of best, price, organic, 100% pure, nature, and GMP factory manufacturer of gymnema sylvestre extract 25%-75% gymnemic acid, please feel free to contact us. And welcome to wholesale bulk and high quantity manufacturer of gymnema sylvestre extract 25%-75% gymnemic acid from us.

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