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What is Reduced Glutathione (GSH)?

Anyone who has seen iron or steel “rust” has seen the results of oxidation. It is a well-known example of oxidation, and oxygen is actually the culprit in rust, scientists continue to use the term “oxidized” to describe a molecular process which does not always involve oxygen.
Electrons are small, negatively charged particles that orbit the nucleus of the cell. Sound familiar from grade school? Never though this would have been useful in the real world but it is. Each atom has a nucleus which contains positively charged protons and usually neutrally charged neutrons.diagram of an atom
When the number of protons and electrons are equal, the net electrical charge is zero and the molecule is in a stable state. When a molecule has fewer electrons than protons, the net charge is positive and is considered “oxidized”. Oxidized molecules are unstable and seek sufficient electrons to become electrically neutral. These aggressively active molecules are known as free radicals.

Reduced Glutathione
Glutathione protects cells from the free radicals produced through oxidation. It can only do this by remaining in its naturally reduced state so that it is readily available to neutralize free radicals by bonding with them. As GSH bonds it converts to its oxidized form, called glutathione disulfide. Then an enzyme---glutathione reductase---reverts it back to its reduced state. The ratio of reduced GSH to oxidized GSH within the cells can be used to measure cellular toxicity. In healthy cells, 90 percent of the GSH should be in its reduced form.

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