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What is Pramiracetam | Uses Benefits and Side Effects

Pramiracetam is a synthetic racetam derivative for the purpose of cognitive enhancement, with preliminary evidence to support its usage in aiding long-term memory formation. Although the mechanisms are not well known at all, it might enhance acetylcholine synthesis.

Benefits of Pramiracetam Powder

Pramiracetam can be seen to have similar benefits as many of the other racetams. It effects seem to strictly relate to nootropic purposes only. Anxiety or mood levels do not seem to be influenced due to limited effect of the drug on mood regulating receptors and their respective chemicals (Dopamine, Serotonin and GABA). Reports are likely to vary on the experiences with Pramiracetam but general consensus is that it has some potent nootropic function.

SIDE-EFFECTS of Pramiracetam Powder

The above are just some of the common side effects of Pramiracetam. It has been seen to be very well tolerated and these issues seem to appearing in higher dosing or in individuals who are hyper-sensitive to the substance. Avoiding high dosing practices and testing you sensitivity before use will reduce these chances. There are limited drug interactions with Pramiracetam but it is still best practice to speak with a medical practitioner prior to use. As always, never use these supplements if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as it may affect the development of your baby.

Other than the taste and accompanying burning, the side effects of pramiracetam are somewhat similar to that of racetams in general. This includes a headache if your brain chemistry is running low on choline. While this is not a confirmed or researched phenomenon, it is one that community members often remark on.

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