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What is Polyglutamic acid/γ-PGA

Polyglutamic acid (PGA) is a polymer of the amino acid glutamic acid (GA). Gamma PGA (Poly-γ-glutamic acid, γ-PGA) - the form where the peptide bonds are between the amino group of GA and the carboxyl group at the end of the GA side chain) - is a major constituent of the Japanese food natto. Gamma PGA is formed by bacterial fermentation.

Poly (γ-glutamic acid) (PGA) is water-soluble, anionic, biodegradable, and edible biopolymer produced by Bacillus subtilis. It has multifarious potential applications in foods, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, water treatment and other fields. The production of PGA has already been established on the industrial scale. Various studies regarding the fermentative production, downstream processing and characterization of PGA have been reported in the literature. This review provides updated information on fermentative production of PGA by various bacterial strains and effect of fermentation conditions and media component on production of PGA in submerged as well as solid state fermentation. Information on the application of genetic engineering for enhancement of yield of PGA, kinetic studies for production of PGA in submerged fermentation and recovery and purification of PGA is included. An attempt has also been made to review the current and potential applications of PGA. This review may contribute to further development of this commercially and academically interesting biopolymer.

Benefits of Poly-L-glutamic Acid:

1.Glutamine can help muscle growth

2.Glutamine can increase strength

3.As a fuel of the immune system, Glutamine can boost the immune system function

4.Glutamine can be used as a basic energy source of Gastrointestinal lumen cells

5.Glutamine can improve brain function

6.Glutamine can improve the body's antioxidant capacity

7.Glutamine can promote protein metabolism

8.Glutamine can keep the intestinal permeability of severe acute pancreatitis patients, reduce the occurrence of gut bacteria translocation, suppress inflammatory mediator release, reduce the level of the body's stress response

9.Glutamine can used on biochemical research as the bacteria culture.

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