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What is Mandelic Acid and Benefits

Mandelic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) extracted from bitter almond. It has a long, safe history of use in medicine as an oral antibiotic, but has only recently become popular in skincare. Its use in skincare was pioneered by Dr Fulton, one of the researchers who developed Retin-A. In his view mandelic acid is the best skin active to come along since Retin-A. Clinical trials showed that regular application of leave-on treatments (serums/lotions) significantly reduced both acne and melasma. 

Benefits of Mandelic Acid Powder

Mandelic Acid are significantly lost if it is applied as a peel.  Mandelic Acid dramatically improves acne and post-acne pigmentation, but clinical research shows that this is achieved by regular application of leave-on treatments. This guide will tell you what Mandelic Acid is and how you can best take advantage of its exciting properties. 

There is a lot of misinformation about how Alpha Hydroxy Acids are best used, particularly when it comes to the selling of ‘peels.’ Some peels on offer can be  extremely damaging. Others simply offer no real long-term benefit, despite the inconvenience and downtime involved. 

Mandelic Acid in particular has become known as an excellent choice for treating adult acne, fading hyperpigmentation and reducing the effects of sun damage. To best understand why Mandelic Peels are not an effective way of benefiting from Mandelic Acid, it is important to understand what Mandelic Acid is and why it is so beneficial to the skin. 

Where to buy Mandelic Acid Powder?

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