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What is Fractionation Coconut Oil

Fractionation coconut oil is an 100% natural base oil, can instantly be absorbed by the skin, very suitable for massage conditioning and as skin care oil, texture pure moisturizing, can bring skin a layer of protective film and smooth pores, any skin is suitable for dry or poor condition of the best skin.

Fractionation coconut oil

Fractionation is the use of distillation to remove long-chain fatty acids, leaving the middle chain and short chain of fatty acids, so that long-chain fatty acids easy to oxidize and unstable state is also resolved, so that the preservation life of split coconut oil is longer.Coconut oil itself has more efficacy, rich in sub-flax acid, the stability of nerve inflammation is quite good.

After smearing, leave a satin smooth touch that is not as greasy as other plant base oils.Fractionation coconut oil can be fully integrated with other essential oils, colorless, tasteless, do not leave oil stains, will not deteriorate.

Xi'an Fengzu Biological Techology Co.,Ltd., as a China professional supplier of fractionation coconut oil, has been devoting to providing fractionation coconut oil with favorable price. You can send E-mail to sales@fengzusw.com directly for a competitive price and professional knowledge. For long time cooperation, free samples is available. We're looking forward your inquiry.


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