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What is Argireline? Benefits and Uses of Argireline

Argireline powder has been shown to have the ability to reduce wrinkles in clinical studies, but there are concerns that that’s all it can do. The creators admit it will not  create more youthful skin, nor will it help to repair collagen or promote healthier skin. There has also been controversy over the possibility of it causing skin sagging with repeat use.

What is Argireline?

Argireline is a chemical compound that is officially known by the less catchy name acetyl hexapeptide-3,CAS num is 616204-22-9. In an effort to better market the chemical compound to consumers, beauty product manufacturers call the compound Argireline.

Chemically speaking, Argireline is a peptide. The chemical compound is assembled in laboratories, which makes it a synthetic beauty ingredient. The peptide itself is a fragment of SNAP-25. You’ve probably never heard of SNAP-25, but you have heard of Botox: SNAP-25 is a substrate of Botulinum toxin, better known as Botox.

How Does Argireline Work?

Argireline works in a similar way to Botox.

First, you apply Argireline onto your skin. It’s typically included as part of an anti-aging serum and it may be mixed with other ingredients.

After applying Argireline, it will gradually be absorbed into your skin.

Once it’s been absorbed, Argireline inhibits the reactions that cause facial muscles to move or contract. When you smile or frown, for example, your facial muscles are less likely to crease along your wrinkle lines.

Benefits of Argireline 

1)Argireline reduces existing facial wrinkles.

2) Argireline is effective against the development of new wrinkles. 

3) Argireline decreases the depth of facial wrinkles caused by the contraction of muscles from facial expressions, especially near the eyes and on the forehead

4)Chemically, when applied as a solution to specific areas of the face, Argireline inhibits the reactions that cause muscles to move or contract – for example when forming facial expressions such as smiling or frowning.

Where to buy Argireline powder?

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