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The gift of rain forest,pure cold pressed -Sacha inchi seed oil

In June 2007, Sacha Inchi oil won the Médaille d'or (Gold Medal) at the AVPA Specialty Foods Commodities competition.Sacha Inchi has been called a "super food" because of its high content of essential fatty acids. The oil has a mild flavour, not bitter, with a nutty finish. With new research emphasizing the health benefits of Omega fatty acids, interest in sustainable sources of Omega is increasing. Sacha Inchi oil is used in vegetarian diets to provide a plant source for Omega-3 fatty acids.

The gift of Tropical rain forest -Sacha inchi seed

Sacha Inchi (Plukenetia volubilis linneo) plant is indigenous to the Peruvian Amazon Forest, and produces small nuts that are extremely rich in high quality, nutritious vegetable oil.Now,we imported the seed from Peru,cultivated in beautiful Xishuangbanna,China,cold-pressed by our own factory.
Brief introduction of Sacha inchi seed oil

Sacha inchi oil is an plant oil that is taken from the seeds through cold-pressed.

Sacha Inchi oil production is increasing in the Peruvian Amazon and throughout South East Asia. It is gaining international recognition for its taste and health properties.
Function of sacha inchi seed oil
The seeds of Inchi have high protein (27%) and oil (35 - 60%) content, and the oil is rich in the essential fatty acids omega-3 linolenic acid (45-53% of total fat content) and omega-6 linoleic acid (34-39% of fat content), as well as non-essential omega-9 (6-10% of fat content).They are also rich in iodine,[citation needed] vitamin A,[citation needed] and vitamin E.

The two fatty acids Alpha Linolenic Linoleic Omega-3 and Omega-6 (84%),of its composition are very important for controlling and reducing the cholesterol levels. They also helps to form the nerve tissue (myelination) ,  eye tissues and the structure of cell membranes. These fatty acids are also involved in other important functions in a direct way: the regulation of blood pressure, immune functions.
Its components (unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins) are also widely used in the cosmetics industry. Sacha inch oil restructure and protects the skin, hair and nails, limiting dehydration, strengthening and rebuilding its natural barriers.
Its external use is indicated for sensitive skin, dry, including inflammation and irritation, and for dry or damaged hair. Vitamin E is an active component for regeneration and unsaturated fatty acids nourish, treat and prevent the problems of skin and hair.

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