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The Difference Between Bone Broth Protein and Hydrolysed Collagen

100% pure beef bone broth concentrated protein --- Off white fine powder,clumpy,soluble in water needs to be stir   
Hydrolysed beef bone collagen --- pure white fine powder,if put it in open air for one day, it will be the glum;easy soluble in water  

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2.Main Ingresients:
100% pure natural beef bone broth concentrated protein --- 100% pure bone broth protein,collagen,minerals,19 Amino acids,Naturally BCAAS
Hydrolysed collagen --- just the collagen, no other ingredients

3.Technical Processing
100% pure bone broth protein ---fresh beef bone---cleaning with pure water then hot water ---- clean beef bone --- boiling for 24-48 hours--- filter --- concentrated --- spray drying ---- finished powder
Hydrolysed Collagen -----
Gelatin --- Adding into Enzyme To Reaction --- Hydrolysed Processing ---Filter---Concentrated--- Spray Drying--- Finished Collagen Powder

100% Pure natural beef bone broth protein
EXW price: $30-50 per kg
Hydrolysed Collagen:
EXW price:$6-12 per kg

Bone Broth Protein --- gut health; skin,hair,joint health;Improve bone density;immune system;sleep quality;bodybuilding and lean muscle;
Hydrolysed collagen: skin,hair health;bone health
Now maybe you understand a little about this product deeply. So be carefully when you choose the bone broth protein from the seller. In USA, as I leared that Vital proteins LLC and Ancient Nutrition LLC are good at the bone broth protein things. So recommend u to chooase the good brand product for consuming. It is none of business for pricing, it for good quality. Most of bone broth protein sellers in USA market  replace the 100% pure natural bone broth protein with hydrolysed collagen to sell to consumer. They are so disgusting to cheating the end users!!  

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