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The comprehensive Introduction of Tsao-ko Powder

The news relates to a tsaoko powder and its preparation by using fresh tsaoko cardamom as raw material, washing and water logging, breaking shells, distilling the tsaoko cardamom shells and seeds in water, carrying out water-oil separating, extracting volatile oil of tsaoko cardamom, grinding the tsaoko cardamom shell and seed into pulp, charging ethanol into the pulp for dilution, disintegrating and filtering the diluted alcoholization liquid, deslagging, reclaiming ethanol, condensating again, spray drying the condensation liquid, mixing the volatile oil with dry matter and disintegrating.

Tsao-ko Powder diet effects:
Amomum Tsao-Ko acrid flavour, temperature; for invigorating the spleen and stomach by; fanglie-dry bulk; With drying temperature, efficiency of production of dirty stop-and-roll back malaria; Indications of thoracic diaphragm distension, cold main manifestations of abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, and diarrhea in diarrhea, food plot needless, cholera, plague, malignant malaria.

Amomum Tsao-ko Powder supplemental information:
Amomum Tsao-Ko fried into grass seed, depending on the processing method of stewed grass grass seed, ginger nuts, nuts, dry storage containers after processing, closed, buy a cool dry place.

Nutritional analysis of Tsao-ko Powder:
Volatile oil from Amomum Tsao-Ko fragrance of xixin powder are mainly for anti--S-in allyl aldehyde (Trans-s-undecenal). In addition contain leaves alcohol (Geraniol) and effects of Amomum Tsao-Ko (Tsaokone).

Introduction of Tsao-ko Powder knowledge:
Tsao-ko Powder as a ginger plant mature fruits of Amomum Tsao-Ko. Perennial herbaceous Amomum Tsao-Ko, was born in Groove edge forest, located in the southern region of Guangxi and Yunnan, harvest when the mature fruit is reddish-brown, dry or drying, or use boiling water to burn after 2-3 minutes, then dried or dried. Fruits of Tsaoko Cardamon Podwer is oval, 2-4.5 cm long, 1 to 2.5 cm in diameter. Brown or red-brown on the surface, with 3 dull edge and distinct longitudinal furrow and ridge lines, circular column base at the first port, the base of the fruit or fruit handle handle trace. Tough Peel, Room 3, 7 to 24 grains of seed per room, unite, yellow-brown or reddish brown. Aromatic, pungent and spicy. To a large, full, red-brown color, odor concentration is good.

Where to buy Tsao-ko Powder?
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