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The Benefits of Chili Powder

Chili powder is a blend of powdered chili peppers and other ingredients, usually including cumin, garlic, and oregano. The Spice House carries a deliciously flavorful salt-free chili powder, which comes in 3 heat levels (regular mild, medium, and hot) to suit every palate.

All three start with a base of sweet ancho chile pepper, and add cumin, garlic, onion, powdered Mexican oregano. Medium chili powder adds cayenne pepper, while ancho chili powder adds more cayenne and hot crushed red pepper.

Chili powder recipe amazes me how much money people spend on “gourmet” chili powders. They often come in some kind of kitschy packaging (like a burlap sack or a cowboy hat), with promises such as “Authentic!”, "World's Best", or “Award Winning!” emblazoned all over them. Inside the impressive packaging, you're likely to find a decidedly unimpressive plastic baggie of spices that are long past their prime. Aside from being ridiculously overpriced these mixes have also probably been sitting on the shelf for months. Once spices have been toasted and ground, the esters, terpenes and other aroma compounds that make them so fragrant quickly escape leaving you with flat tasting red dirt that's certainly not worth the hard-earned cash you shell out for it.

This is why I like to grind my own spice blends at home, in small batches. It’s cheap, simple, and the results will be far more potent than any pre-ground mix you’ll pick up in a store. Most importantly, making your own ancho chile powder allows you to adjust the mixture to your liking, making it more deserving of the title “world’s best chili powder”. Even if you don't care to change the blend of spices, you may like to know that it's quite easy to change the heat level of your chili powder. Since the heat that a chili pepper packs(even amongst the same cultivars) varies widely based on their growing conditions, changing the chili peppers don't always work. Luckily, most of the capsaicin(the compound that makes chili peppers hot) is concentrated in the light colored membranes that connect the seeds to the pepper. Scraping off these membranes(or not), we can greatly influence how spicy our chili powder will be.

Where to buy Chili Powder?
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