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The Benefits and application of Heme iron

Heme iron is a red pigment in the blood and muscle of higher mammal. It is composed of porphyrin and a molecule of iron.And It is a kind of biological iron that may be directly absorbed by intestinal mucosal cells without any gastrointestinal irritation but a good bioavailability (absorption rate 15%-25%). In recent years, the application of heme iron has progressed rapidly in food and medicine since the absorption rate of heme iron in the intestine is much higher than that of non-heme iron.For example,in countries such as Japan and the United States,it has been widely used as a food nutrition enhancer.

Heme Iron

Benefits and application
1.Anti-anemia effect
Heme iron has a good effect on promoting bone marrow hematopoiesis and treating hemolytic and hemorrhagic anemia for animals, It is the most ideal and well-known anti-anemia drug.A study of iron nutrition for applying heme iron fortified biscuits on female college students with anemia, it was found that,by increasing the hemoglobin iron intake (6.0mg/d) of female college students with anemia,can significantly improve the iron nutrition status of the body and effectively prevent anemia which caused by iron-deficiency.The number of red blood cells increased in the experimental group after iron being intaking,This indicating that the hematopoietic function of the body is recovering. From the degree of recovery of anemia in the experimental group, the Hb level was significantly increased in one month, and the Hb level was further increased to 11.56 g/dL at the 2nd month of the experiment,and PCV also increased significantly. At the end of the experiment, the Hb of the control group increased slightly, but was significantly lower than the test group. The results show that humans have a good bioavailability for heme iron, which is mutually confirmed by experiments. The anti-anemia effect and bioavailability of heme iron were studied by rat hemoglobin recovery experiment showed that heme iron has good anti-anemia effect. The absorption rate of heme iron is higher, which is obviously superior than inorganic iron such as FeSO4, and animal protein degradation products can promote its absorption.

2.Biological Function
Heme iron maintains a variety of physiological functions of iron:
1) Participates in the processes of oxygen transport, exchange, and tissue respiration;
2) Involved in formation and maturation of red blood cell, and combined with porphyrin in bone marrow hematopoietic tissue then will produce Hemin which in turn synthesizes hemoglobin with globin;
3) As a component of iron-containing enzymes,Iron plays an important role, For example,iron as a component of catalase, which promotes the elimination of hydrogen peroxide in the body and health enhancer;
4) Iron also participates in other important functions of the body,such as catalyzing the conversion of β-carotene to vitamin A, promoting the production of antibodies in the body, detoxification of drugs in the liver, and transport of lipids in the blood.

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