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Skin-Care Powder-Pearl Powder

Pearl powder is the ultimate exfoliater; less grainy than micro-dermabrasion creams, and removes dead skin naturally. Over exfoliation is not recommended by Dermatologists who caution that the over use of exfoliating products can leave the skin dry, red, irritated and more vulnerable to sun damage. The use of exfoliating products such as AHA products, micro-dermabrasion treatments, and facial scrubs cause skin damage. They are too harsh, and cause inflammation and permanent damage. Then our body is forced to use up our remaining stores of collagen to repair when this new damage, when pure pearl powder could be used towards repairing the already existing signs of aging. Exfoliating your skin once or twice a week with pearl powder keeps skin glowing year-round. Use organic pearl powder instead of your micro-dermabrasion treatment, your skin will pay you back by being luminous.

Pearl powder helps prevent melanin development, which causes freckles and dark patches. Nature pearl powder can prevent the skin from becoming old looking, wrinkled and sagging. This is due to its stimulation of SOD activity, and due to other capacities and nutrients. It whitens, softens, nourishes, and moisturizes your skin.

Pearl powder has a specifically designed technology based on aerodynamics to produce a superior product which maintains the magic – the pearl’s crystalline structure. The particle size of Pearlcium is varied naturally according the properties of each pearl, depending upon the smallest crystals inside each pearl. It has both nano and micro particles. Pearlcium doesn’t standardize the particle size of their powder because it removes special information which is imperative for optimum Pearlcium effectiveness, and precious for our being.

Where to buy pearl powder?
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