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Phosphatidylserine's Benefits-FZBIOTECH

Being such an integral part of your cellular membrane structures, Phosphatidylserine has been shown to have the potential to impact many aspects of your health. Research into the benefits of Phosphatidylserine are largely centered on the use of cow brain sourced Phosphatidylserine—which in some cases seems to produce different results. The risk of ‘mad-cow’ disease has stemmed the interest in the use of this form, as well as cost prohibitive cultivating due to only 3g of Phosphatidylserine being found in a single cow’s brain. Even with the nuances of availability and dynamics of function, there still exists a large body of data showing that Phosphatidylserine can impact your health in many positive ways.

1. Improves Memory

Phosphatidylserine has been investigated as a memory-improving and memory-recovering agent in many different clinical settings. One study found that in elderly women, Phosphatidylserine was able to help improve their performance on memory exercises. These women were within the age range of 50-69 and chosen on the basis of them describing difficulties in performing memory-related tasks. Phosphatidylserine was given to half of these women in a 100mg or 300mg dose per day. After 6 months, those women given the Phosphatidylserine supplements were shown to outperform the placebo group considerably, and left researchers to conclude that Phosphatidylserine was a viable approach for helping to fortify memory and cognitive function as we age.

2. Lowers Stress

Phosphatidylserine has been investigated in numerous studies to determine its potential to help stabilize and reduce levels of cortisol—the ‘stress’ hormone. While many associate elevated cortisol levels with hypertension and cognitive stress, cortisol levels are deeply connected to physical activity as well. One study investigated the effects of Phosphatidylserine on the cortisol levels of men that were considered to be active cyclists—known to perform physically stressful activities for long periods of time. Researchers gave the men of this study Phosphatidylserine as an oral supplement and then directed them to perform cycling exercises at varying stages of physical exertion. They found that those given the Phosphatidylserine were able to perform for a longer period of time while maintaining the same levels of cortisol levels. Simply put, Phosphatidylserine seems to help you go harder for longer without added stress!

3. Reduces ADHD Symptoms

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a cognitive syndrome which is characterized by extreme levels of energy, emotional instability, and difficulty focusing on single tasks for any given period of time. Typically, ADHD is most readily associated with children, but up to 4% of adults in the United States are thought to suffer from this disorder as well. That being said, much of the research related to Phosphatidylserine’s ability to help treat ADHD is centered on child research. One study found that over a 15 week period of time, those volunteers given the Phosphatidylserine showed a significant reduction in symptoms of restlessness and impulsive behavior.  Overall, this study concluded that Phosphatidylserine may be particularly effective in the treatment of ADHD symptoms. In one study, researchers found that when combining Phosphatidylserine with a fish oil supplement, the reduction of Attention Deficit symptoms was even more greatly-reduced.

4. Boosts Learning Speed

Phosphatidylserine is used by many as a Nootropic compound to help balance out other Nootropics that cause an increase in the uptake of acetylcholine, such as Racetams. Phosphatidylserine has also demonstrated a remarkable ability to boost overall recall and learning speeds by an impressive amount.  One study investigated the ability to perform mental tasks directly after strenuous exercise. Of the volunteers that were given Phosphatidylserine, the total amount of errors in calculation was reduced by nearly 40%, and the number of calculations completed saw an increase of 13% While most cognitive studies are generally regarded as taking place in calm, relaxed conditions, it’s truly interesting to see how Phosphatidylserine is able to help boost mental performance post-athletic performance. Surprising to say, Phosphatidylserine may very well become highly-sought after by athletes looking to garner an extra edge over the competition. After all, playing smarter has been known to trump playing harder in many situations.

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