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Nootropics API Unifiram's Benefits and Bulk Online-FZBIOTECH

Unifiram (developmental code name DM-232) is an experimental drug. that has antiamnesic and other effects in animal studies with far greater potency than piracetam. A number of related compounds are known, such as sunifiram (DM-235) and sapunifiram (MN-19). Unifiram has two enantiomers, with the dextro form being the more active isomer. It has been shown to reduce the duration of hypnosis induced by pentobarbital, without impairing motor coordination.

Benefits of Unifiram Powder

Unifiram is believed to promote several primary benefits including anti-sedative effects, anti-hypnotic effects, acetylcholine antagonism and anti-amnesic affects. It is also believed to enhance concentration, basic cognition, memory, learning, mental energy and focus. It ability to increase acetylcholine and glutamate levels in the brain helps promote neuronal health. It also makes it easier for brain cells to send signals between synapses.

How does Unifiram Powder Work?

Unifiram is a positive allosteric modulator of your AMPA receptors (also known as ?-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepropionic acid receptors).

As an Ampakine, Unifiram effects glutamate uptake in the brain causing better synaptic transmission between neurons.

Unifiram also stimulates acetylcholine production making its mechanism of action very similar to Noopept, Pramiraceta, Oxiracetam and other racetam nootropics.

Where to buy Unifiram Powder?

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