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Natural Matrine Extract For Pesticide

Matrine, one of the main components extracted from Sophora flavescens, has displayed anti-cancer activity in several types of cancer cells in vitro. The product exerts its function mainly by direct contact, subsidiary by stomach poison. Once pests touch it, their nervous system are paralyzed immediately, then protein of their bodies will denaturalize, finally they will die of breathlessness.

It is high efficiency, broad spectrum, less resistance, low toxicity, non-residue and green protection to environment. The matrine is extracted from botanic source, so it nearly no harm to beneficial insects, and no killing beneficial insects.

Matrine has advantage fatures just like bellow: High efficiency, broad spectrum, low toxicity, no residue and green protection to environment.


Significant effectiveness on controlling on insects: armyworm cabbageworms, aphides, red spiders, mites, etc. Matrine can be used as insect repellents, matrine can repell against insects very effectively, so matrine can be used as repell out the insects. No killing beneficial insects. The matrine is extracted from botanic source, so it has very low toxicity, so it nearly no harm to beneficial insects, and no killing beneficial insects. And also it has less resistance.


Where to buy Matrine?
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