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L-Pyroglutamic acid | Uses and Side Effect

Pyroglutamic acid is a cyclized derivative of L-glutamic acid. It is an uncommon amino acid derivative in which the free amino group of glutamic acid cyclizes to form a lactam. It is formed nonenzymatically from glutamate, glutamine, and gamma-glutamylated peptides, but it can also be produced by the action of gamma-glutamylcyclotransferase on an L-amino acid. Elevated blood levels may be associated with problems of glutamine or glutathione metabolism. This compound is found in substantial amounts in brain tissue and other tissue in bound form, especially skin. Also present in plant tissues. It is sold, over the counter, as a "smart drug" for improving blood circulation in the brain.

Uses of L-Pyroglutamic acid

The sodium salt of pyroglutamic acid — known either as sodium pyroglutamate, sodium PCA, or sodium pidolate — is used for dry skin and hair products, as it is a humectant. It has low toxicity and is not a skin irritant, but its use in products is limited by a high price.

L-pyroglutamic acid is sold online as a dietary supplement.

Benefits of L-Pyroglutamic acid

For food, medicine, cosmetics and other industries; organic synthesis intermediates, food additives

1.L-Pyroglutamic Acid is cardio protection; prevention of atherosclerosis

2.L-Pyroglutamic Acid is cancer prevention

3.L-Pyroglutamic Acid is prevention of tooth decay and gum disease

4.L-Pyroglutamic Acid is kidney function improvement

5.L-Pyroglutamic Acid anti-platelet aggregation to prevent blood clotting

6.L-Pyroglutamic Acid is liver protection

7.L-Pyroglutamic Acid is protection and restoration of immune system

8.L-Pyroglutamic Acid is inhibition of infectious pathogens

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