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King of Natural Alkaline Food ——Barley Grass Powder

Introduction of Barley Grass Powder:
Barley grass powder is a high alkaline nutritional ingredient which contains the most abundant and balanced nutrition. And it contains many kinds of amino acids, minerals, vitamins, natural chlorophyll and active enzyme which are important nutrient substance for human body. The beta carotene in barley grass powder is 13 times of the carrot, the iron in it is 13 times more than the spinach, the protein in it is 16 times of the milk, and the potassium in it is 20 times of the banana. It was called the "King of Natural Alkaline Food ".
Features for Barley Grass Powder
(1) The king of natural alkaline food: it can balance the body's PH value thus to prevent cancer.
(2) 45% dietary fiber: it can inhibit adipogenesis effectively, help to lose weight, remove intestinal toxins, improve gut microbes, increase the probiotics, prevent constipation etc.
(3) 30% small molecule protein: It contains a variety of amino acids which are high-quality plant protein and can be easily absorbed for human body.
(4) Chlorophyll: chlorophyll is called "green blood", it is a blood cleanser and vascular scavenger. Therefore it has a good function of opsonization for the patients with hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia.
(5) SOD: superoxide dismutase, it is mainly against human body   free radical, it can eliminate senile plaque also, thus slow down    the aging of the human body.
(6) Calcium: calcium content in barley grass powder is 11 times of the milk. With the characteristics of small molecule and free state, which makes it can be easily absorbed by human body for both the young and the old. It is the best calcium supplement.
Why Disease can be Caused by Acidic Body
100% cancer patient with acidic body.
(1) Acidic fluids led to the efficiency of enzymatic reaction decreased.
(2)Acidic fluids increase the viscosity of blood  which makes the liquidity of blood reduced.
(3)Acidic fluids led to the decrease of the immune system's response speed and  sensitivity
(4)Acidic fluids change the physical properties of the red blood cells, thus  influence the efficiency of blood circulation.
(5)Acidic fluids is the fertile soil of cancer cells, which make normal cells  occur lesions.
The Principles of Detoxification for Barley Grass Powder
(1) Dietary Fiber ——exclude the toxin from intestinal tract ( The toxin will be absorbed by intestinal wall again and come into blood if the waste from intestinal tract can not be excluded timely )
(2) Chlorophyll——purify the blood, eliminate the inflammation, heavy metals and drug toxins.
(3) SOD active enzyme——clean pesticides and chemical toxins, resist to the peroxide free radical and prevent cell mutation.
(4) A large number of mineral alkali ions, such as calcium, potassium——neutralizing acidic toxins from the body.
5 Advantages of Barley Grass Powder
(1) Selecting high quality raw materials——barley grass(size: 25-30 cm) is selected from coastal saline-alkali land and with no industrial pollution.
(2) No additives——barley grass powder is 100% pure natural product from organic farming, the production process does not use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and growth regulators. Meanwhile, its appearance and taste are absolutely safe and reliable.
(3) Low-temperature airflow pulverization process——The production process of normal barley juice powder through drying and mechanical crushing for many times, which can destroy the nutritive ingredients easily since there are high temperatures occurred during this production process. But Barley grass powder produced by FZBIOTECH is through low-temperature airflow pulverization principle (also known as: cell wall-broken extraction); in this new kind of production process, the machine was set to keep 0 degrees all the time, and it can produce very fine and smooth powder also. This technology has been ranked the list of the most advantaged one in the world. This new production process breaks the plant’s cell wall which makes the body absorb the nutrients much easier.
(4) Super fine powder —— Barley grass powder from FZBIOTECH has better characteristics of absorption and taste.
Suitable Group for Barely Grass Powder
This product is a pure plant drink, no limits to crowd or age, suitable for all health and sub-health population. This product can exclude toxin, improve physique appearance and prolong life.
Method of Usage for Barely Grass Powder
(1) Take 6 to 9grams into the cup.
(2) Add the 200-300ml warm water (water temperature does not exceed 50 degrees)
(3) According to individual taste, you can add some honey, soybean milk, fruit juice etc.

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