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Function of Ectoin Powder from FZBIOTECH

Ectoin is a small molecule amino acid derivative extracted from extreme microorganisms by bio-fermentation technology. It is an active substance with remarkable multiple cell protection effects. The action mechanism is simple but the effect is very powerful. It protects skin cells from all damage factors such as free radicals, UV, particulates/pollution, high temperatures, colds, etc., keep the skin long-lasting healthy and  moisturizing and anti-inflammatory.

Ectoin Function:

Ectoin is responsible for ensuring that high halophilic bacteria do not dehydrate to die in high salt environments. It is an important substance that maintains the balance of osmotic pressure, its unique molecular structure makes it have a strong ability to complex water molecules basically one molecule of ectoin can complex four to five water molecules which to structure free water in cells.During the application, ectoin can continuously improve the skin's moisturizing ability, and the moisturizing capacity of skin will not reduce down immediately after stop use it. The moisturizing capacity of the skin is still higher than that of the control group after one week.So it is a pretty good moisturizer.

2. Repairing
According to reports, ectoin can effectively improve the immune protection function of skin cells, increase the cell repair ability, and make the skin against the invasion of microorganisms and allergens effectively.Experiments show that ectoin can protect against skin damage and repair DNA damage caused by ultraviolet rays.Ectoin has attracted much  more attention as a cell repair additive and being added to cosmetics to anti-aging due to it can alleviate the various pressures on the skin: UV damage, skin aging caused by dry environment, skin deterioration caused by surfactants, etc..

Where to buy Ectoin powder?
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