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Fractionated Coconut Oil Uses and Benefits

Fractionated coconut oil is coconut oil that has been processed or “fractioned” to create a very shelf-stable oil. The fraction of the oil that is used is very high in saturated fat, and this product can be used in a wide variety of ways. Many companies that carry materials for making cosmetics stock fractionated coconut oil, and it can also be purchased from massage and soap suppliers. The cost for this oil varies, depending on global demand.

1.The phrase, “a little goes a long way” perfectly describes essential oils, especially when they are used with the right carrier oil. When applying essential oils topically, you can cut down on the amount you use while still reaping their powerful benefits by using Fractionated Coconut Oil. Fractionated Coconut Oil is ideal for increasing topical essential oil distribution. To get the most out of your essential oils, dilute one part essential oil to five parts or more of Fractionated Coconut Oil depending on skin sensitivity, or as directed on an essential oil label.

2.Give your skin a smooth, silky, and healthy glow when you apply Fractionated Coconut Oil. This natural emollient is enriched with hydrating properties that will help soften and soothe dry skin when applied. To further your experience, add a drop of your favorite essential oil to the Fractionated Coconut Oil and spread this blend on your skin for a refreshing and personalized fragrance. 

3.Fractionated Coconut Oil is odorless and colorless. These characteristics make this carrier oil ideal for easy blending with any essential oil. The Fractionated Coconut Oil will help hydrate skin without interfering with your perfume or the fragrance of your essential oil blends. 

4.Do you love a good salt scrub? Here are two amazing DIY salt scrubs with Fractionated Coconut Oil that you won’t want to miss out on. DIY Coconut Salt Scrub will leave you with soft, glowing skin, and is a perfect way to say goodbye to the dry, crackly skin of winter, and hello to the smooth, hydrated skin of spring. This simple coconut scrub is infused with Fractionated Coconut Oil and will aid in exfoliating and rejuvenating the skin. You can also personalize this salt scrub with your favorite essential oil. The DIY Rejuvenating Coffee Scrub also has a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil and is a fun and easy way to get the soft and silky skin you desire with the additional benefits of vitamin E oil. 

5.Enjoy a relaxing and soothing massage with Fractionated Coconut Oil. Not only will this carrier oil hydrate and soothe your skin when used during a massage, but it will also help expand the reach of your essential oils. For an ideal massage, mix Fractionated Coconut Oil with calming essential oils and massage this combination into your neck and shoulders for deeper relaxation. The viscosity of the Fractionated Coconut Oil will also assist in making massage strokes more fluid. 

6.If you have sensitive skin, Fractionated Coconut Oil is strongly advised. Fractionated Coconut Oil can help dilute strong essential oils while allowing you to still obtain their topical benefits. Diluting essential oils with Fractionated Coconut Oil will help lessen sensitivity. 

7.When makeup brushes are frequently used, they tend to gather dirt, oils, and old cosmetic residue. Give your makeup brush a little TLC by using this DIY Makeup Brush Cleanser. Using only Fractionated Coconut Oil, Melaleuca (Tea Tree) oil, and Grapefruit oil, this cleanser will give your makeup brush a purifying wash and will help preserve its effectivity.

8.Did you know that your feet contain the most pores per square inch than any other part of the body? With this factual tidbit, you can imagine just how important it is to treat your feet right. This DIY Foot Mask with Fractionated Coconut Oil and Bergamot oil is a wonderful way to nourish your feet while also getting rid of cracked heals and dry skin. You will love the soft and soothing results!

9.Not only is Fractionated Coconut Oil great for skin, it also does wonders for the hair. This carrier oil can be used for a variety of hair benefits, including managing unruly hair and conditioning. For a powerful natural conditioner, apply Fractionated Coconut Oil to your hair-washing routine. For hair management, use  Fractionated Coconut Oil to help detangle hair and control frizz. 

10.Sometimes, facial moisturizers can do more harm than good, causing clogged pores and greasy residue. Use Fractionated Coconut Oil for a powerful moisturizer that will leave your skin looking soft and smooth without clogging pores and leaving oily skin. Fractionated Coconut Oil is also a perfect facial moisturizer for sensitive skin. 

11.Enhance your aftershave experience with a DIY Razor Relief Serum. Using Fractionated Coconut Oil, rosewater, and 5 powerful essential oils, this serum can help reduce razor bumps and bring feelings of relief after a good shave. The natural properties in these ingredients will work to smooth, soften, soothe, rejuvenate, and cleanse the skin, giving it a healthy, natural glow. 

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