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Food development and application of Hemp seed protein

Hemp seed kernel is a kind of richful nutrients, mainly containing protein 20.49%~37.60% and oil 28.53%~51.06%; Also contains dietary fiber 10.77%~38.16% ; As well as vitamins and trace elements required by the human body.The content and proportion of the iron and zinc in the hemp seed are most suitable for the needs of the human body. More importantly, the hemp seed is also rich in essential amino acids and fatty acids, and its composition ratio is reasonable,So it is the most ideal food nutrients today.

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1.Dietary Supplements

Hemp seed protein is a high-quality whole protein. On the one hand, the instant hemp protein powder is being developed as a high-protein nutrients, which is made into breakfast protein powder and infant formula protein powder. On the other hand, the hemp is being separated for protein and protein peptides,which are made into health care products or protein additives, added to foods such as ice cream, beverages, and cereals.

2.Increasing the protein content in food
Hemp seed protein can be added to certain foods with low protein content to improve its nutritional structure. For example, adding appropriate amount of hemp seed protein powder to compressed biscuits,which can obtain hemp seeds compressed foods with reasonable nutrition.This can significantly promote human growth and it is no toxic & side-effects.

3.For making workout food & drink
Hemp seed protein is being apply for bodybuilding supplements (Protein bars,etc) by mix with other animal and plant proteins, which can enhance athletes' muscle strength and endurance. Meanwhile, hemp seed protein peptide is easy to digest and absorb quickly when added in Sports drinks.Therefore it can quickly replenish athletes' energy and improve their performance.

4.Food Additives
Hemp antioxidant peptides extracts from hemp seed protein have a good antioxidant effects. As a nutrition supplement and an additive in foods and beverages, it will be a much more safer antioxidants in the food field.

Where to buy Hemp Protein?
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