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Evodiamine Powder Side Effects, Function and Uses

Evodiamine is a constituent of the Evodia Fruit (Euodia Ruticarpa). Evodia Fruit has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for many purposes including weight loss and energy. Evodiamine has been shown to be a stimulant, diuretic, and thermogenic and it has also been shown to reduce the absorption of dietary fat. Anecdotal evidence shows evodiamine to be an appetite suppressant as well. All of these effects of evodiamine make it a good addition to a fat burning or energy supplement.

The stimulant and appetite suppressant effects of evodiamine can be attributed to its effects on catecholamine levels. Evodiamine increases the release of catecholamines such as adrenaline and dopamine from the adrenal glands, increasing energy levels and decreasing appetite. Evodiamine has been found to increase heat loss (thermogenic effect), which means that more calories are being burned and can result in weight loss. This thermogenic effect is greater than that of other stimulants such as caffeine so it must have to do with more than just catecholamine release, but at this point its mechanism is not fully understood. Evodiamine has also been shown to reduce the absorption of dietary fat, so not only are more calories burned but less are also absorbed. One additional benefit of evodiamine is that it may have a diuretic effect due to the inhibition of aldosterone release (aldosterone essentially signals the body to retain water). This rids the body of excess water retention for a leaner look. Diuretics generally only work for a short amount of time, but nevertheless this is still a possible use for evodiamine.

Evodiamine Powder's Side Effects

Evodiamine has not yet been tested on humans despite its impressive studies on mice. This makes it clear that there is no previous official record of possible side effects related to this extract. However, Rutaecarpine has been shown to possess anti – clotting properties, this is the reason that it is not recommended before surgery.

Function of Evodiamine

1.Acts as an appetite suppressant

2.May help with cholesterol and lipid levels

3.Provides a variety of antioxidants

4.Increases energy and balances mood

5.Imroves mental concentration and focus

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