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Efficacy of Phycocyanin

Phycocyanin has anti-cancer, promote blood cell regeneration, curing ovary, promote the human body to synthesize elastin and other Effects.In the early 21st century, in Europe, America, Japan and other countries,phycocyanin is widely used in food and cosmetics, high-grade natural pigments, and was made into biochemical drugs. Developed by the Japan Kang School aids research institute, confidence algae Nutrition Food company produced Kampach (confident) algae blue protein as cancer patients, leukemia patients, such as rehabilitation drugs and nutritional food, to achieve a prominent combination of curative effect in 1986.

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Phycocyanin can help regulate and synthesize the essential enzymes needed for human metabolism, which plays an important role in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and promoting the regeneration of human cells, maintaining the ovaries and promoting the synthesis of elastin in human body. at the same time, algae blue protein regulates the immune system, strengthens the immune system function, enhances the human body to the disease resistance.
Hence,the phycocyanin is known as the "food diamond" by food Experts.
Antioxidant, Scavenging Free Radicals.
Phycocyanin can promote cell activity, remove free radicals in vivo, improve ovarian function, promote rapid human body synthesis of elastin.
According to scientific research, algal blue protein has the effect of stimulating erythrocyte colony formation, similar to erythropoietin (epo);
It can adjust the function of white blood cells and improve lymphocyte activity, increase the physical strength, promote the growth of red blood cells, improve immune function and promote growth and development.
A new study by the Taiwan University team released January 7 found that purified algal blue protein has a inhibitory effect on all allergies.

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