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Effect of Rotenone Powder

Rotenoneis a potent botanical pesticide that has become a source of mounting concern because of its toxicity and potential environmental impact. There is significant confusion concerning whether and how this material may be used in USDA-certified organic farming.

Rotenone Powder is commonly derived from the roots of various tropical plants native to Southeast Asia, South America and East Africa. Historically, farmers have used this extract as a foliar spray to control pests on vegetables, berries, tree fruits, nuts, forage crops and sugarcane. It was first registered in the United States in 1947, and through the years, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) required a number of studies to further confirm its safety status for use in agriculture. In 2004, the EPA required an inhalation neurotoxicity study to further investigate the possibility of rotenone leading to Parkinson’s Disease-like symptoms at high dose exposure in animals. Instead, the companies distributing and selling rotenone products voluntarily cancelled all food use registrations for it, except for piscicide (fish kill) uses.  Since then, the EPA only supports registration for piscicidal purposes.

Rotenoids, the rotenone-related materials, have been used as crop insecticides since 1848, when they were applied to plants to control leaf-eating caterpillars. However, they have been used for centuries (at least since 1649) in South America to paralyse fish, causing them to surface. Derris root has long been used as a fish poison and its insecticidal properties were known to the Chinese well before it was isolated by E. Geoffrey in 1895. The use of the ground root of certain species of Derris was patented in 1912, since when it has been established that the active compounds are rotenoids, of which the main insecticide is rotenone root powder.

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