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Carnosine: A Proven Longevity Factor

The introduction of carnosine
Carnosine is found throughout the body wherever there are high energy demands such as in the brain, the heart, and our muscles. Its function is to protect these vital areas from the metabolic demands of energy production and management.
Young organisms have high levels of carnosine in those energy-demanding tissues. As part of the aging process, carnosine levels decline over time. That’s because our bodies both make less carnosine as we age, and also because the carnosine we have is increasingly vulnerable to destruction. In human conditions such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome, which produce unnaturally accelerated aging, carnosine production is decreased, and its destruction is increased.
These findings suggest that a “carnosine deficiency” might be partly responsible for the visible aging and loss of function in a multitude of areas throughout the body that occurs as we get older.


The function of carnosine
The use of carnosine as a chemopreventive is in its infancy, but encouraging studies are rapidly emerging as scientists look for more ways to capitalize on its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory features. As an antioxidant, carnosine helps block the DNA damage that can lead to cancerous transformation in cultured cells—and it increases the life span of cells cultured from young subjects in the laboratory. Carnosine also prevents release of inflammatory cytokines in intestinal cells, reducing a significant risk for colon cancers. Its ability to inhibit new metastases, and to interfere with cancer cells’ energy metabolism, make it still more appealing as a potential anticancer nutrient.


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