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Anti-inflammatory Properties Powder- Spirulina Powder

Spirulina powder offers many health benefits, some of which include lowering cholesterol levels, enhancing immunity, increasing red blood cell count, providing anti-cancerous properties and anti-inflammatory properties, protecting the liver, reducing the toxicity in the kidneys, controlling bronchial asthma, and enhancing the supply of antioxidants.

The introduction of raw material
Spirulina is blue-green algae with a perfect spiral shape. This spiral shape is the reason for the name Spirulina. Spirulina belongs to a cyanobacteria species and it is scientifically known as Arthrospira platensis. Other subspecies include Spirulina maxima and Spirulina geitleri. Nature spirulina powder is generally found in alkaline lakes in Mexico and Africa. Spirulina protein powder is rich in nutrients, such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. It has the capability of surviving in the harshest conditions, both environmentally and chemically. It can survive extreme alkaline conditions, highly saline waters containing 30 grams to 270 grams of salt per liter and still survive.
Easily Digestible: Closer examination of spirulina powder organic revealed that this spiral-shaped blue green algae had thinner cell walls or cellulose compared to its plant cousins. Also, the cell wall is composed of mucopolysaccharides, which are complex sugars. Thus, even the cell wall in spirulina powder can be digested, unlike the cellulose in plants. Spirulina powder is also beneficial for probiotic bacteria, such as lactobacillus, which live inside our digestive system.
Lowers Cholesterol Levels: Spirulina powder is helpful in reducing serum cholesterol levels and elevates HDL (high density lipoprotein), or “good”, cholesterol levels. The presence of gamma-linolenic acid in spirulina accelerates serum cholesterol reduction.

Where to buy spirulina powder?
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