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Agricultural Application of 5-Aminolevulinic Acid Hydrochloride(5-ALA HCL)

5-aminolevulinic Acid Hydrochloride also known 5-ala Hcl,5-ala is the endogenous substance of organisms, and is the precursor substance of animal heme and plant chlorophyll biosynthesis. At present,the 5-ala stability is not high, generally in the form of hydrochloric acid salt. As a new type of light-activated pesticide with high environmental compatibility and selectivity, it is widely used in agricultural field.

Plant growth regulator:
Recent studies have shown that 5-ala hcl has the following effects:
To regulate the synthesis of chlorophyll, improve the stability of chlorophyll and ⅱ, improve photosynthetic efficiency, promote photosynthesis, promote plant tissue differentiation, inhibit respiration in the dark, expand the stomatal and other basic physiological activities. Therefore, it is not simply a biological metabolic intermediate product, but also participates in the regulation process of plant growth and development, has the similar physiological activity of plant hormones, It can be used as plant growth regulator in agricultural production.

Environment-friendly insecticides:
Herbicides produced using 5-ala hcl can kill dicotyledons weeds, and are harmless to crops such as grains, wheat and barley, which belong to monocots, and have selective weed-control effects. There are two ways in which it works. Inhibits the gene expression of GLUTR and prevents the 5-ala hcl from synthesizing so that the plant eventually dies from a lack of 5-ala. 5-ala synthesis in mammals does not pass through the C5 pathway, so the use of such herbicides does not adversely affect the human body.
It can relieve the regulation mechanism of 5-ala synthesis, promote 5-ala synthesis, such as acifluorferr methyl can inhibit the synthesis of heme in plants, so that 5-ala and porphyrin compound accumulation, induced by the light of the peroxide reaction. But because the market price of 5-ala hcl is higher, and it needs high quality concentration for herbicide, it is very expensive and it is difficult to apply directly.

It can cause a variety of insect pests such as Musca domestica, cockroaches and biochemical metabolic imbalance, so that the insect spasm and even death, as well as the study of 5-ala as the main ingredient of the porphyrin pesticide effect of Jinyuan District in Taiyuan, the Chinese rice locust, 7d in the treatment group of male insects all died, and the control group of males killed about half, There was no significant difference in the number of female deaths at low concentrations.
The principle is: 5-ala activation can produce reactive oxygen. Through the plant photosynthesis process or the chemical synthesis of triggering pests to make sunlight into radiation insecticide and insect removal. This study shows that it is a harmless natural substance with biodegradability, and does not cause insect resistance.

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