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PVP products possess excellent adhesive,film-forming,dispersing and thickening properties,which are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. FZBIOTECH,as a manufacturer of Povidone (PVP), has been devoting to supplying the best quality Povidone (PVP) to all over the world with best price. For long term cooperation, free sample is available.Chat Now

Basic Information of Povidone (PVP)
Product Name:Povidone (PVP)
Other name: Polyvinylpyrrolidone
Specification: K15,K17,K25,K30,K90
Quality standard: USP36
Appearance: White or milk white powder
CAS No.:9003-39-8

Application of Povidone (PVP)
1.Cosmetics: PVP-K series can be used as film-forming agent, viscosity-enhancement agent, lubricator and adhesive. They are the key component of hair sprays, mousse, gels and lotions & solution, hair-dying reagent and shampoo in hair-care products. They can be used as assistant in skin-care products, eye makeup, lipstick, deodorant, sunscreen and dentifrice.
2.Pharmaceutical: Povidone K30 and K90 is a new and excellent pharmaceutical excipient. It is mainly used as binder for tablet, dissolving assistant for injection, flow assistant for capsule, dispersant for liquid medicine and stain, stabilizer for enzyme and heat sensitive drug, coprecipitant for poorly soluble drugs, lubricator and antitoxic assistant for eye drug. PVP works as excipients in more than one hundreds drugs.
3.Other Utilities: Also used as assistant in the realm of Paint and Coating, Plastics and Resin, Adhesives, Glass Fiber, Film, Ink, TV tube, Detergent, Biocide, Tabulating, Textile Dying and Printing, etc.

Benefits of Povidone (PVP)
PVP products possess excellent adhesive,film-forming,dispersing and thickening properties,which are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.They are one of the three main  accessory  products recognized & approved worldwide.
Pharma Grade:
1.Mainly used as biner for tablet.
2.Dissolving assistant for injection.
3.Flow assistant for capsule.
4.Dispersant for liquid medicine and pigment.
5.Stabilizer for enzyme and heat sensitive drug.
6.Coprecipitant for poorly soluble drugs lubricator etc.
Cosmetic Grade:
1.Film-formers, thickeners, lubricants, and binders in hair-setting lotions
2.Detoxifiers and detergents in shampoos and toothpastes.
3.Dispersants in hair colors
4.Lubricants in skin care products.
5.Coatings and dispersants for pigments.
6.Thickeners and adhesives in glue sticks and pick-up adhesives.
7.Smoothing agents in glass fibers sizing.
Tech Grade:
1.Anti-redeposition and anti-dye transfer agents in laundry detergents
2.Stabilizers for suspensions, dispersions and emulsions.
3.Protective colloids and polymerization stabilizers in synthetic resins.
4.Protective colloids and dispersants in paints and coatings.
5.Viscosity adjustors in printing inks and writing inks.
6.Auxiliaries in paper coating and strengthening.
7.Stabilizers in carbon black ink or paints.

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