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Factory Low Price Bulk Ginseng Extract Ginsenosides 20%-80%

Factory Low Price Bulk Ginseng Extract Ginsenosides 20%-80%

Ginsenosides can be isolated from various parts of the plant, though typically from the roots, and can be purified by column chromatography.FZBIOTECH,as a manufacturer of monomer, has been devoting to supplying the best quality Ginsenoside Powder to all over the world with best price. For long term cooperation, free sample is available.Chat Now

Basic Information of Ginsenoside Powder

Product Name: Ginsenoside

Source: Ginseng root, Ginseng Extract

Molecular forula: C54H92O23

Molecular Weight: 1109.29

Product Type: Yellow brown powder

active principle:ginsenoside rh1,rh2;ginsenoside rg1,rg3

Extract Method:  Ethanol and Water


CAS No.:11021-14-0

Introduction of Ginsenoside

Ginseng root has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. 

The Ginsenosides is mainly active ingredients. Ginseng root contains ginseng acid is a mixture of palmitic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid and linoleic acid reagent is from roots contained in the hydrolysis of lipids. In addition, it also has fumaric acid, succinic acid, tartaric acid Cuba, apple and so on. Recent studies of ginseng containing phospholipids in adults about 0. 2%~0. 6%. The ginseng root is rich in sugar which accounted for 58%. 

Benefits of Ginsenosides Powder

1. Calming, promoting nerve growing, anti-convulsion & labor pains.

2. Anti- cardiac arrythmia & ischemia myocardial.

3. Anti-hemolysis, stopping bleeding, bringing down blood 

coagulability,restraining blood platelets clotting, regulating blood-fat, etc.

4. Anti-fatigues; anti- oxygen & blood deficit; anti-shock;anti-thirst.

5. Improving achroacyte conversion, inducing immune factor growing, strengthening immunity and etc.

Applications of Ginsenosides

1. Applied in food field, ginseng extract is a kind of nourishing food which has much benefit to brain.

2. Applied in pharmaceutical field, ginseng extract can be used to treat coronary heart disease.

3. Applied in cosmetic field, ginseng extract owns the function of whitening, dispelling spot, anti-wrinkle, and activating skin cell. 

4.Icariin can affect different aspects of aging mechanisms, such as the impact of cell passage, extending the growth period, regulating of the immune and endocrine system, improving metabolism and organ function.

5. It has a protective effect on vasopressin induced myocardial ischemia, with significant blood pressure.

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