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EP Standard 99% Ropivacaine Powder/84057-95-4

EP Standard 99% Ropivacaine Powder/84057-95-4

Ropivacaine is a local anaesthetic drug belonging to the amino amide group. FZBIOTECH,as a manufacturer of monomer, has been devoting to supplying the best quality Ropivacaine powder to all over the world with best price. For long term cooperation, free sample is available. Chat Now

Basic Information of Ropivacaine
Synonyms:RopivacaineHcl,MesylateBase,Ropivacaine API,Naropine
Molecular Formula:C17H26N2O
Molecular Weigh:274.401
Appearance:White crystal powder
Melting Point:144 - 146ºC
Boiling Point:98 °C (13.5018 mmHg)
Structural Formula:
Ropivacaine hydrochloride.png
Ropivacaine is used for
Causing loss of feeling during surgical procedures, labor, and delivery, or for short-term pain management. It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor.
Ropivacaine is a local anesthetic. It works by blocking nerve impulses, which helps to numb the area so you feel less pain.

Side effects of Ropivacaine
Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) are rare when it is administered correctly. Most ADRs relate to administration technique (resulting in systemic exposure) or pharmacological effects of anesthesia, however allergic reactions can rarely occur.
Systemic exposure to excessive quantities of ropivacaine mainly result in central nervous system (CNS) and cardiovascular effects – CNS effects usually occur at lower blood plasma concentrations and additional cardiovascular effects present at higher concentrations, though cardiovascular collapse may also occur with low concentrations. CNS effects may include CNS excitation (nervousness, tingling around the mouth, tinnitus, tremor, dizziness, blurred vision, seizures followed by depression (drowsiness, loss of consciousness), respiratory depression and apnea). Cardiovascular effects include hypotension, bradycardia, arrhythmias, and/or cardiac arrest–some of which may be due to hypoxemia secondary to respiratory depression.

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