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Bulk Supply P-Hydroxyphenyl Butanone, High Quality Raspberry Ketone

Bulk Supply P-Hydroxyphenyl Butanone, High Quality Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry Ketone powder is a product that uses a natural ingredient found in raspberries.FZBIOTECH,as a manufacturer of monomer, has been devoting to supplying the best quality P-Hydroxyphenyl butanone powder to all over the world with best price. For long term cooperation, free sample is available.Chat Now

Basic Introduction of P-Hydroxyphenyl butanone

Product Name: P-Hydroxyphenyl butanone

Latin Name: Rubus Chingii Hu

Extract Method: Water/ Grain Alcohol

CAS: 5471-51-2

Molecular Formula: C10H12O2

Test Method: GC/HPLC

Part Used: Fruit(Natural dried)

Specification: 98% 

Appearance: White crystal powder

Structural Formula:

P-Hydroxyphenyl butanone.gif

Brief Introduction of P-Hydroxyphenyl butanone

What is Raspberry Ketones Raspberry Extract?

Raspberry Ketone is a product that uses a natural ingredient found in raspberries. It is a recent discovery from the raspberry that is already known for its many antioxidant properties, and Raspberry Ketone is proving to be a source of keen interest for many people in the fitness and keep fit world.

Functions of P-Hydroxyphenyl butanone

1. Function of keep fit.

2. Control your body’s cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

3. Prevent various types of health.

4. Natural antioxidant.

5. Help relieve inflammation.

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